This is Kelly's story & his adventures in Vegas.

My first plane trip via Southwest airlines was a terrifying experience. We were first to board,had seats next to a window,and next to the cockpit.I was too scared to lie down so I stood with my front feet in mom's lap most of the way.

We rode another shuttle bus to the Tropicana Hotel/Casino. Everywhere I looked.I saw another dog that looked like me in all the shining brass.I rode on moving stairs and sidewalks, up & down in noisy elevators to the 16th floor. From our room windows we could see the Luxor

For more pictures of Vegas I'm linking you to here:

Peggy's photo album

Continued with photos of me

Here I am wondering if this is really necessary. I am in front of the Tropicana.

In this photo I played this machine every time I went outside to attend business. Sometimes mom forgot about it or we were in a hurry. I may look disinterested but I won a ticket to the Magic Show. I gave it to Ruth, our roommate.Mom didn't think I would enjoy the tigers in the show. They were outside in a cage .They saw me and the hair on their backs stood up. Boy , were my eyes biggg! They were huge .I only weigh 21 lbs.and am less than 16 inches in height.

Here we are standing for a picture to show we are really in Las Vegas. I'm being held again which is ok sometimes. Being short has its disadvantages especially among the many legs I encountered.

I'll tell u more about my ADVENTURES later.

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