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You may click on Picture Trail to view several albums: Dolls, Drawings,latest and My Art .Albums are in progress since the demise of photopoint.

The samples on this page are oil paintings of various sizes, acrylic on glass, and one doll head,an original sculpture.


An original sculpted doll 14" tall titled "Kwanzaa Girl"

hummingbird and flower

22"x 28" oil painting.

Acrylic on glass.8"x 7"


20"x 30" An oil painting.

barn & 
plow scene

16"x 20" oil painting.

a covered 
bridge stream

16"x20" Oil painting.

barn in 
the mts. with a stream

16"x20" Oil painting.

a cabin 
in woods during snow

16"x20" Oil painting.

cyber sisters'logo hand painted

This is the cybersisters' logo that I have resized & hand painted on Tee shirts for some cybersisters.Each is done differently so no two are exactly alike. Below is a sample displaying the design around the logo.

front of a tee shirt

Front view of tee shirt ,acrylic paint designed for cloth .

peaches and 

11"x 14" oil painting

Click here if you are interested in visiting doll artists.This is a key I made with doll making artists.I will be adding more doll related items in empty slots.

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