How to CCP

Step 1:
Press the find key at top of your keyboard. Type the word u want to copy.Then press enter/return key. It (that word) will be highlighted.

Step 2:
press shift key and down arrow key to highlight lines of text u want to copy.

Step 3:
Press Cmd plus c key (this copies)
Press Cmd + x key (this cuts)

Step 4:
Go to your write page like in e-mail.
Put cursor in body of letter, then press Cmd +v key. (this pastes what u copied )
Practice this til it's a part of your memory. We can also CCP the addresses (URLs) of web sites.We do this in the Go To box at top of keyboard.This will be Lesson 2 of CCP.

CCP in Go TO box

Step 1:
Find a web site like your own or image. When it's on the screen hit Go To.

Then move cursor to show current.Click on it.

Step 2:
The URL is now showing in the rectangle at the top.Now here's how to ccp it.

While holding down Cmd key press a,c,x in that order.

Step 3:
Go to write page in mail.Place cursor in body of letter.Now hold down Cmd key +v

U now have pasted a URL.I put the quotation marks down before the http:// when I'm ready to paste ,then quotation marks after pasting.
Some say u do not have to have these in bodies of letters but I make it a habit so I won't forget when writing html code.