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Kelly is a full blooded miniature schnauzer. He was born Dec.31, 1996 in Kansas.Shortly before he became too mature I had him neutered for several reasons. We entered obedience school when he was 4 months old. This class was being taught by Susan.Susan works for Texas Hearing and Service Dog Corporation located in Dayton,Texas. After completing this program , Kelly was able to go into private training to become a certified hearing dog. We were the second home trained in the state. The dog has to have certain abilities in order to be trained as a service dog.It was an intensive training program for both of us but we finally passed in the late spring of 1997. He can go wherever I go except a church.We renew his inside home skills daily. The obedience skills that he has learned must be renewed in public settings at least 3 times a week. There are times we don't go out together.During those times he gets very upset and agitated. He knows his job is to go with me and he loves to work.Here's one photo of alert Kelly.


After working so hard this is Kelly's favorite place to be. Please note he has left space for his master.

Kelly's Domain

Kelly Resting in our chair

Coming soon :"Kelly Does Vegas"

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