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my friends


gotbut Dollmaking friend and classmate in Dollmaking seminars with JACK JOHNSTON and JUNE GOODNOW.She is really driven by her ambition to be a dollartist. WANDA FUHRHOP

gotbut Dollmaking friend and classmate in Dollmaking seminars. Joyce has been a supportive element in my art.I have two of her dolls in my collection.One is a reflection of me and all the things I like to do.Joyce is an inspiration to everyone she meets, a very creative warm individual.JOYCE PATTERSON'S FabricImages

gotbut Janabella came as a friend in need. She was new to using her webTV like me. We have helped each other and have many things in common.JANABELLA'S JUNCTION

gotbut Okie is a friend that I met through another friend. Okie explained easily how to use some of the tools on the net. I'm deeply indebted to her for showing me another avenue in this digital city.OKIE's PAGES

gotbut Christina and I met during preparations for a friend's birthday. She made some beautiful special pages for a very special person.Her generosity made many people happy on this special occasion.CHRISTINA's CrystalCastle

gotbut Diana and I met through a posting in a ng. We both wanted to learn tabling. She then taught me how to TL a file.As a newbie ,I really jumped into hot water.Diana and I are rival football fans. She a Dolphin-er and I'm a Bronco-maniac. DIANA's and Paul's

gotbut I met these lovely and talented ladies through another friend.Their warmth and cheerfulness is always prevalent.FRIENDSHIP Cafe

gotbut This was the strangest and most unusual way of making a new friend. Having made an F-key saver and offering it to others brought Lucille to my mailbox. She informed me that my table was incomplete, even though I had 2 of hers included. As a kind and generous person she offered me the updated material.LUCILLE's Country Home

gotbut This lady sends jokes thus making the day fill with laughter. She sends good recipes and is another warm hearted soul.WOOD's Pile


These friends are also special and dear to my heart. They don't have Home Pages yet, a mother and daughter. The mother (ANGEL BEAR) and I communicate almost daily. She is the one who made it possible for me to meet most of the others. She is the fine lady who had a cyber birthday party.Her daughter (JRCats) is a wonderful woman who arranged for her Mother to have that special birthday.


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