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This page is devoted to giving a newbie some assistance. I have become a member of several groups with the purpose of helping. Also some web rings as an aide in navigation.By clicking HEREyou will see a student's Home Page.


A note about Helen's Home Page.She's in heaven and is included here as special tribute to her.Where I live I can see the SanJacinto Monument across the channel.Helen lived in Pasadena on the other side of the channel.

A note about TEXAS ANGEL.Paige was new .We became friends and I sent her a file so she could learn how to make her own F Key Savers. This is the result.

Real Magic Trick


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awardlynnMy first award for my home pages from Lyn Shy~*~Lyn Shy's Main Page~*~

qkeyaward~~My Most Recent Award~

jarrah award ~~A Surprise Award from a nomination ~~

beauty award~~This one from Moxnix

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