As demonstrated by JO_ACT and slodon in an earlier thread titled "I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!!!", we can if we wish scan an item directly to a Webtv Pagebuilder web page, that is, bypassing the Scrapbook --- I suspect many users are familiar with the method but for the benefit of those who are not lets take a long stroll --- To expand a bit on what has already been said and to add a bit more info --- it goes something like this: Go to your Pagebuilder index --- select an existing page to edit ---or --- click "create" and start a new page and go through the preliminaries of selecting background, titles,etc, as you wish --- Ultimately you select "add a item", then choose "picture" and then "video capture" which brings up your vidcap screen --- Then scan your item ( no need to click freeze --- it is only used to stop motion such as with a tv or vcr capture ) and note that the button at top right says "add to page" rather than "add to mail" as it normally does when you scan to email or post--- Click the "add to page" button and you will be taken to the usual Pagebuilder "Change Picture and Caption" screen to complete the process of adding the "capture" to the web page --- IMPORTANT NOTE: If you click "View This Image" above the title box it will bring your scan to the screen and the status bar at the bottom of your tv screen will display something like "captureD1" but will not identify the scan as a jpg --- but --- IT IS A JPG as you will see below --- When you finish entering Title and Caption info, click "done" and continue on through the remaining normal steps to publish the page --- When the page is published, the IMAGE DOES HAVE AN URL and can be linked to or used as a link in the usual manner in web pages, email or posts --- in this sense the image is no different than any other however the Url looks quite different than those we are accustomed to seeing with the Webtv Pagebuilder system --- in the normal construction we see terms such as /scrapbookFiles /importD or mailedD,etc, but in the direct to page scan method this changes to terms such as /media/captureD --- here are some live examples ( my apologies to JO_ACT and slodon for citing their image Url's but wanted to use real situations ): --- this is one of mine --- --- this is the 1st one in the slodon gallery --- --- this is the 1st one in the JO_ACT album --- As you can see those examples all work and bring the image to the screen --- if the .jpg ( don't forget the dot ) is not added to the end the Url would be incomplete and would not work --- How to get the Url? --- as always there are a number of ways you can do that --- you can easily construct them individually right at your page edit screen but if I was going to build such a album/gallery I would probably wait until I was finished adding all the scans to the page and clicking published for the final time --- and then take the Url for the PAGE to a tool such as this one : and enter the page Url in the "Source Url" text box and then click "extract" --- this will bring up a screen where you will see each of your images displayed with its complete Url ( above the image ) --- just simply copy and paste the Url and take it wherever you wish for recording/storing as a permanent record for future reference --- I post mine in the Caption box for the image which of course makes the Url display when the page is viewed --- if you do not want it to be visible on the page just enclose the Url in Comment Tags and it will not display --- other users record and save the Url's by making an email and sending it to themselves --- still others make a web page of all their Url's and save it to a Favorites folder --- and so on --- So much for procedure --- is this the way to go? --- it certainly avoids using the Scrapbook which can be a very balky animal and sometimes will slow down, freeze and even become partially or totally inaccessable for no apparent reason ( Webtv does strange and unpredictable things )--- eliminating that device also makes for a much faster operation to add images to a web page --- on the other hand you will be retaining the scanner machine frame background so you must be more careful about image alignment on the glass, etc, to avoid a messy look to your page ( slodon and JO_ACT and seemed to have handled it well ) --- However, if you ever decide to change ( like cropping,resizing,etc ) any of those images, you must upload the modified image to Scrapbook to be able to use it in Pagebuilder --- if such were done in an album/gallery setting this could result in a mixed bag of image appearances --- also although this works well for something like an album/gallery, I don't believe I would use it for everything --- after all there is some value to keeping images in a central directory and thats what the scrapbook is --- there are no doubt more things to consider but in essence it seems to boil down to a matter of judicious decision making and ultimately, to a matter of personal choice --- Sorry this is so long but hopefully somewhere in here is a snippet of info a few users may find helpful --- BTW, that image of my signature was converted late last night to what you see below --- very scrubby because I didn't write heavily enough on the paper that I scanned ( must have been sleepy )--- tried to give it a touch up but it is not very good --- will try again ---