Simple Pleasures

  FOCD Member's Picture Sites:

Alice :

Barb Lachow:

Bonnie Morgan ( of the teeny tiny fairy fingers fame):

Carla Finley:

Carolyn Vail:< a href="">

Cheri from Arizona:

Cheryl DeBono:

Cheryl Elphick:

Chris Leatham:

Clare "CK" Kilpatrick:

Crystal Mills:

Deb McKenzie:

Gabe Cyr:

Gerry Krueger:

Jacque Uetz:

James :

Jessica Kennady:

Joyce Joyce

Judy Jaques:

Judi Ward:JWard

Judi Wellnitz:

Kathy Lees:

Kel Segura:

Lettie Lou: Lorrie Uherek: and:

Maree Hingston:

Mary McNeely:

Mary Martin:

Maureen Wilson:

Mia Svennson:

Mimi Kirchner:

Noreen Crone-Findlay:

Patti LaValley:

Patti-Ann Stanley:

Paula Johnson: 

Ranie Patridis:

Rita Black:

Rhonda Babcock:

Rosie Chapman:

Sammy Stafney:

Sherma Randall:

Sherry Goshen:

Sue Chaffee-Sizemore: 

Suzanne Tainsh:

Winnie Rose Reyes:

Doll Sites:

Akira Blount:

Ann Clemens (Australia)… has belly dancer pattern

Annie Mayer Hesse:

Annette (Lizard Lady):

Antonette (Noni) Cely:

Australian/New Zealand Designers:

Barb Keeling:

Barb Spencer:

Carol Doubek:

Carole Henning Larson:

Cyndy Sieving:

Deanna Hogan:

Dru Esslinger:

elinor peace bailey:EPB

Jane Darin:Jane Darin

Janet Manfred:

Janette Flood:

Jill Hamilton:

Judi Ward:

Julianna Belle Doerres:

Jurate Jasceviciene:

Kathy Lees:

Kerry Seymour:

Kreative License (Lorrie Uherek & Kathryn S. Nelson)

Laly de Tapia:

Linda Johnson:

Lisa Risler:

Lisa Rynda:

Lois Boncer's animal patterns:

Loretta Hughes:

Melinda Small Paterson:

Meo Feroy:

Nita Butler:

Norma Johnson: or

Patti LaValley:

Patti Medaris Culea:

Patti-Ann Stanley:

Paula Johnson:

Paula Stokes:

Phyliss Robinson:

Ruth Prest: (has elephant "trunk" pattern) 

Sherma Randall:

Sherry Lynn Campbell, Dolls & Bears:

Sue Nance:

Ute Vasina:

Valarie Garber:

A few Pin Doll Patterns:

Cloud Pin Doll:

Raggedy Ann:

Healing Doll:

Dragon pin doll:

General Doll Sites (w/links)

Doll Clubs:

San Diego:

Great Lakes Dollies:

Original Doll Artists Council of America, Inc. (ODACA):

Dollmakers of Glitter Town (online):

On line doll club:


Crafty College Classes  


Cloth Doll Depot:

Loretta Hughes :

Kathy Hays:

(wool & doll hair)

Dollmaker's Journey:

Sisters and Daughters:

Seams of a Soul:

Sue McFadden:has felt, kits and felt dolls to see

Doll Accessories:

Silk Fabric and Ribbons:

s-cart Doll Books & More:

Doll Hair:

Fabric (Quilting/home dec):

Wrights (trims):


Glass Beads:


Labels (Australian site):


Lace & Trim:

Felting Needles:

Vintage Doll Patterns:

Pattern envelopes: and

Glitter glue: [Jones Tones Clear Plexi Glue (for glitter)]

Buckram for hats: [Request paper catalog then order thru this site]

Tallina's Doll Supplies:

Leather (miniature saddle making supplies inc. buckles/conchos):

Mini World Cloth Supplies:

More mini stuff, has a mini pleater for hair:

Costume making supplies:

Canadian Doll supply shop:

Mohair and other stuff:

Vintage costume patterns, ethnic doll patterns:

Misc: Dollmaker's Place (has chat room Saturday nights and a magazine to subscribe to) : has designer, links and classes Proud Users of Patterns:

Felting Info:

Fabric Dying info:

Craft Magazines (Canadian site):

3Q Challenge:

Handkerchief doll:

How to make buttons:

How to paint doll faces:

Sandcastle Creations in Newport Oregon has great wefted mohair (ask for seconds) 1-800-605-1901 (per Judi Ward)

Free drawing lessons: