spacer The Quest This is my first attempt .The site is made entirely with a set top terminal.

If u came here from TAODA Texas Association of Original Doll Artists and wish to see my dolls ,please click on art gallery below.


The quest is what I'm searching for in this second life of art.


My interests are varied in the field of art.There are other interests that I pursue which include gardening, collecting,reading, and traveling.At the present,I'm a retired educator. I spent 37 years teaching in the public schools.I loved it as a rewarding career and working with the children each day.

This contact with the young fertile minds is what I miss the most. Children are basically very warm little people. Alas, I've had none of my own.There is no husband to share life either.


In 1992 I attended the local community center.They have a ceramics room so I renewed my interests in art by learning to do ceramics in a new way. Ah... what joy! Soon I was into creating and experimenting with various clays. My creativity was soon flourishing like a fountain.

That alive feeling had returned and new goals were set in motion. Friends suggested I try a sidewalk sale. Wow! very successful,then competitive entries in the large arena.Again, success beyond my wildest dreams. All this then led me into a second career.

This is a small craft business. The only problem is the demand on time. Now since it has been successful, I'm entertaining retiring again to a less stressful pace, allowing me more time in my pursuit of creativity.


The mediums that I use are varied, thus whatever mood prevails that directional path is followed.Original sculpted dolls and realistic sculptures as well as character studies, painting in oils,watercolor,and acrylics. Painting on all materials is very exciting.

Drawing used to be a passion, but since I've broadened my vision,being versatile and diversified has replaced that.

I'm a member of many organizations promoting art to the community at large.I participate in many workshops as a means to sate my thirst for more knowledge.It permits me to socialize with the art community on another level....QUESTS!!




Frogs: I have a small collection of frogs. Ironically the last one given to me was a prince frog.

Boyd bears:These were my really first things to collect seriously.There for awhile I wondered about my obsession with collecting them when suddenly other people became aware also.Now I add to them sporadically as I find one that is irresistible.

Harmony boxes: I have been collecting boxes of all kinds like old wooden cigar boxes umpteen years.When I discovered the harmony boxes ,my "inner child" couldn't resist.

Antiques: My love for old things will always prevail.

Art: I collect original art and craft work.As a professional artist , I also collect my own work.This is very strange but I have very little left of my earlier work, meaning when I was a much younger person. Most was given away as a gift or sold.


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